Having Issues With The 2018 Online HAZMAT Refresher? CLICK HERE

There have been a few reports of issues with the 2018 Online HAZMAT Refresher.  Our technicians have run through the entire course to ensure the program is working properly.  Additionally, we have already had more than a dozen students successfully complete the program.  Most of these problems are related to browser and/or navigational errors and seem to be on an individual basis.  Here are a few troubleshooting tips that may help:

  1.  Make sure you are using an updated browser with a reliable internet connection.
  2.  Module 2 and 4 do not end with a slide that directs you to click “Finish” and then “Exit” after completing the respective quizzes.  Regardless of the absence of this slide, please click “Finish” and then “Exit” after successfully completing the quiz at the end of each module.  You may then progress to the next lesson.
  3.  Upon the completion of Module 5, you must return to the Course Content page and complete the HAZMAT Refresher Survey listed under the “Quizzes” section.  Only after answering the survey will you be directed to print your certificate.

Please exhaust all of the possible remedies above before contacting the Guidance Counselor (linked at the bottom of the Course Content page).

Thank you.